We Are Re-Opening – 2021

Let’s be honest.

There is no doubt about it. Cell phones and laptops are very handy. But, especially for some people, they can be a real problem.

Are you ADDICTED to your cell phone and laptop?

Have you EVER felt lost or even depressed without your cell phone or WiFi service?

Are you constantly checking your FaceBook and Instagram accounts?

Have you EVER texted while driving even though you know it is not only illegal but extremely dangerous?

Cell phone obsession can have major NEGATIVE consequences in your life.

Coming in the spring of 2021 to Spectrum Healing Arts Centre. Weekends of:

  • dance
  • meditation
  • arts and crafts
  • awakening your inner musician
  • guided nature walks
  • forest therapy


See you soon! Schedules and details to follow.